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Anna Dress


Size: Small

Arah Green Dress


Size: Medium

Rental Dress: R430.00

Baby Shower Makeup

R550,00 60 minutes

Bad Bunny ( Bad Girl) – Gel On Tips

R295,00 2 hours

Nails on Point! Because personality is not the first thing people see. So be the baddest bunny you can be.

Bella Nail Design – Gel Overlay

R260,00 2 hours

Beautiful girl living a normal life. Meets a mysterious handsome man. Falls in love. Her normal and innocent life beautifully darkened by his love. There’s only a shade of innocence left in her life.

Birthdays Makeup Look

R400,00 60 minutes

To achieve the ideal birthday makeup look, we begin by moisturizing the skin, then mattifying it, and finishing with a full-coverage foundation and concealer under the eyes. The entire face is then set with a mattifying powder, and the client’s desired glam eye makeup look is created.

Kindly note that a charge of R250 will be added on top of the service cost.

Black French Nail Design – Gel on Tips

R295,00 3 hours

Black is powerful, mystical, a colour that brings gravity and strength to anything you incorporate with. Look simply, elegant, glossy, with elegance and power.

Bonita(Cross Pendant Necklace)


Bonita is an elegant and premium-plated cubic with a cross pendant necklace that holds a peaceful meaning for whoever wears it. Choose peace and love.

Bride Makeup Look

R550,00 2 hours

The Bridal look begins by cleaning, exfoliating, massaging, and steaming the face to achieve the perfect look for a bride on her wedding day. This has both psychological and physical benefits. Following that, the foundation is applied and set with a spray. Later, we work on highlighting and contouring the bride’s face. Finally, we create a flawless glam makeup look that will last all day.

Kindly note that a charge of R250 will be added on top of the service cost.

Bridesmaids Makeup Look

R450,00 2 hours

A cream base and foundation is applied to your skin to beautify it before applying a lightweight concealer under the eyes and at the outer corners of the eyes to create a bridesmaid makeup look. The we apply a mattifying powder to the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin to set the makeup and absorb excess oil for long-lasting shine control. Finally, highlight the hollows of your cheeks and fill in the lips with a matte color.

Kindly note that a charge of R250 will be added on top of the service cost.

Celiana Purple Dress


Size: Medium/Large

Rental Dress: R450.00

Chains Nail Design – Gel Overlay

R200,00 2 hours

Beautifully enchained with a lovely pink base. A beautiful soul but insidious. Do not come for her. But you can come for this set.