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Diamond Chipping

R180,00 60 minutes

What is more beautiful than diamonds? You can decorate your nails with so much, so why not choose a diamond blend. It will light up your life and nails, with a gorgeous look. The Diamond chipping blend is a unique and ultraglam finish with various colour options.

File only

R40,00 30 minutes

Filing on a regular basis will help you maintain the shape you love and keep jagged/broken nails at bay. Our nail technicians ensure you receive a smooth and soothing experience from beginning to end.

Frega Nail Design – Gel Tips

R295,00 3 hours

Be bold and daring with our stiletto nails. You can be classy today and be a baddy the next. Depending on the look of the day, it gives you all-rounder of satisfactions.

Gel Overlay – Manchalk Nail Design

R260,00 3 hours

Adventurous monster lovers, we got you covered. Travel with us to an alien world full of wonders and excitements that will leave you enthused.

Gel Polish – Gel Overlay

R160,00 60 minutes

Gel polish is cured under a UV/LED light which leaves a premium finish either in gloss or matte. Depending on wear and tear, gel polish can last between two to four weeks and they are incredibly versatile for day to day movement. Choose a colour to match your outfit or style and enjoy the natural elegance from a fresh set today.

Gel Polish – Moonstar Nail Design

R260,00 3 hours

Experience the brightest and largest object in our night sky on your set of nails. Have a feel of it right close to you.

Gel Polish + Tips

R195,00 2 hours

Extend, Shape and Get those Custom Designer Nails done with Gel Polish + Tips. We have a wide range of Tip Sizes, Shapes and Colours available to choose from. Get your Style Today, Nothing improves your mood like a new set of Nail Tips!

Gel Polish Fill – Natural Nails

R50,00 60 minutes

Choose a Shape Explore…

Gel Polish Fill Tips

R110,00 2 hours

Choose a Shape Explore…

Gel Polish Overlay

R160,00 60 minutes

One of life’s small pleasures is having a fresh set of gel nails! A gel polish is a manicure that uses a soft gel in the form of polish. The gel polish acts as an overlay on the nail that lasts for up to four weeks. The result is high shine nails with no chipping, peeling, or cracking. Gel nail polish comes in so many different colours, it’s almost impossible to choose one.

Gel Polish Overlay – Metallic Nail Design

R260,00 3 hours

This set will make you stand out from the rest. Giving you the pearlescent chrome finish. Leaving a shiny metallic look.

Gel Polish Overlay – Milky lane space Nail Design

R260,00 3 hours

If you are a lover of cartoon movies, this set is made for you. It gives you the fun yet sophisticated edgy look.