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Acrylic / Dipping Powder Colour Overlay

R135,00 2 hours

A colour overlay can be a lot of fun. You can choose different colours and it is easy and quick to apply. The powder can be brushed/dipped on and you have a variety of colours to choose from. This quick application will make your nails stronger with the powder and liquid sealant used to harden the nail. After that it gets a shiny top coat for the final look.

Acrylic / Dipping Powder Colour Tips

R280,00 3 hours 15 minutes

The Acrylic / Dipping powder with colour tips is a strong, versatile and beautiful treatment. Ideal for complete customisation, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, colours and tips. Depending on your preference, the powder can be brushed/dipped on.

Acrylic / Dipping Powder Fill on Tips

R150,00 4 hours

Acrylic Fill In treats the acrylic regrowth at the base of the nails. The lifting can be removed, and the exposed natural nail will be covered with fresh acrylics. If you don’t want to change your nail design, you can always fill your nail and blend it to perfection. It’s important to note that this treatment is not an ombre fill, it’s a natural colour match fill. If you’re unsure, please speak to our experienced nail techs for additional information before booking this package.

Remember Pretty nails never go out of fashion!!

Acrylic / Dipping Powder Ombre Tips

R335,00 3 hours 15 minutes

“Nail technicians have the patience of a saint, creativity of an artist and the hands as steady as a brain surgeon.”

Acrylic / Dipping Powder Ombre Tips is a true masterpiece of a treatment. Depending on your colour selection, you can transform the gradients and your nails into a glowing work of art.

Acrylic Fill – Natural Nails

R65,00 2 hours

Choose a Shape Explore…

Bad Bunny ( Bad Girl) – Gel On Tips

R295,00 2 hours

Nails on Point! Because personality is not the first thing people see. So be the baddest bunny you can be.

Bella Nail Design – Gel Overlay

R260,00 2 hours

Beautiful girl living a normal life. Meets a mysterious handsome man. Falls in love. Her normal and innocent life beautifully darkened by his love. There’s only a shade of innocence left in her life.

Black French Nail Design – Gel on Tips

R295,00 3 hours

Black is powerful, mystical, a colour that brings gravity and strength to anything you incorporate with. Look simply, elegant, glossy, with elegance and power.

Chains Nail Design – Gel Overlay

R200,00 2 hours

Beautifully enchained with a lovely pink base. A beautiful soul but insidious. Do not come for her. But you can come for this set.

Cruella (Bad girl) – Gel On tips

R295,00 3 hours

Born brilliant, Born bad, and a little bit mad. ~ Cruella De Vil


Crystal White (Bridal) – Gel Tips

R545,00 3 hours

White has been the color of representing purity and peace. Marriage is a beautiful union of two people . There may be trials, but ensuring peace and purity of that union stays in. Have this classic yet powerful set of nails .

Cuticle Massage

R120,00 60 minutes

A cuticle massage is known to increase circulation around the nails, which in turn can improve nail growth. Experience the sensory relaxation in your finger tips, from a healthy and vital massage enriched with essential oils.